Mental Health in Romania. A real problem especially after the Pandemic.

Mental Health in Romania. A real problem especially after the Pandemic. May 27, 2023 Marin Alexandra Ioana Iuliana In Romania there is no department strictly responsible for mental health within the Ministry of Health. This puts pressure on professionals and poses a danger to patients and disabled people. “There is no funding, there is no […]

Self Love

Self-love: The key of the happy and Healthy relationships Self-love is a powerful and often underestimated concept in our society. However, our ability to love ourselves plays a key role in how we relate to others and in the quality of the relationships we build. Self-love is not selfishness or exaggerated narcissism, but rather a […]

Why Chinese language is the language of the future

Being located in the Eastern part of Asia, China is well known for being the most populated country on the Earth. With more than 1.4 billion inhabitants, this country has another important element which makes it so distinct from the others-the language. Knowing the fact that it has many dialects, with Mandarin being the most […]