Fair News is a transnational cooperation partnership between six organisations in Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, and Sweden. Our Erasmus+ co-funded project supports innovation in the field of school education. We seek to address the need for greater media literacy and educational connection among high school students.
We bring together educational organisations and schools with media professionals and experts in Theory of Knowledge and Media and Information Literacy, aiming to develop new approaches to our target group’s needs and to build a productive and sustainable network for the benefit of young people.


Project Co-Ordinator Spazio Reale (Italy) is a non-profit entity devoted to educational and social projects designed to support and further social inclusion and cohesion. Its work and values are directed to the needs of its community, aimed at promoting individual and group potential in order to remove any obstacle, actual and potential, for personal and social growth.

Traces&Dreams (Sweden) specialises in narration, storytelling, content, and visual communication and distribution. It works through communication strategy, education and community projects, and digital content to using the power of storytelling to bring cultural, scientific, and humanistic knowledge out of the closed spaces of academia and to educate and empower people and communities.

Centrul de Resurse si Consultanta in Educatie (Romania) has a mission to provide learning opportunities across Europe. Learning is the essential key for social inclusion, active citizenship and a solider Europe; educators working with CRCE meet and collaborate with experts in Germany, Romania, Italy, France and Belgium to develop new strategies, tasks and frameworks.

Know and Can Association (Bulgaria) is an NGO working mainly in the field of nonformal education and on European projects and programmes in the sphere of education and training, human rights, justice, citizenship and mobility. It is an experienced provider of education focused on the benefit of all partners, with a large network of schools and educational organisations across Europe.

Toscana Oggi (Italy) is a communication project created to give a voice to the Churches of Tuscany, with the aim of informing on events of regional, national and global importance, and to comment from a Catholic and ecclesial point of view on politics, economy, and cultural events. It is increasingly involved in projects aiming to address disengagement among young people.

Vienna Association of Volunteers (Austria) is a non-profit, non-political organisation which aims to empower people, promoting peace, tolerance and social equality among people through assisting people in acquiring knowledge and developing their skills and competences for professional and personal success. VAEV's main focus is to provide community-based coaching and educational opportunities for youth.

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