Social media: the effects on younger generations

What is social media? Social media is a collective term for websites and applications that focus on communicating content and are based on the concepts of community, interaction, sharing and collaboration. People use social media to stay connected and interact with friends, family and various communities of people Why are they used so much? Information […]

Take care of students’ mental health

Mental health is a psychological state of well-being that allows us to feel at peace with ourselves and free from anxieties and pressures (or mental disorders) that influence our emotions negatively. Mental disorders alter a person’s way of thinking and behavior and this suffering brings problems to their social and work life. A mental disorder […]

Project Result 1

Announcing PR1: Formative report on the creation and development of educational communities using methodologies of Theory of Knowledge and Media and Information Literacy We are delighted to announce the release of our first project result, an analysis of the situations of young people in relation to Media and Information Literacy, and an exploration of how […]

Erasmus + Fair News Final Conference

On Thursday 16/05/2024, 9:30 AM, the final event of the Erasmus+ Project Fair News will be held in the beautiful halls of Palazzo Pucci, Via dei Pucci 2, Florence. The Final Conference will see the partners give back and narrate the results obtained from the more than two years of the project. Olivia Salimbeni of […]

Eating Disorders

eating disorders

Eating Disorders. What are they? Eating disorders are diseases characterized by changes in eating habits and excessive concern for weight. They occur mainly during adolescence and mainly affect women. Cause and Symptoms Family history in which people with eating disorders are present Depression Substance abuse Critics about one’s own body Decrease in food consumption Fasting […]