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How a Bulgarian Website for Jokes and Fake News Helps the Bulgaria Society Face the Problems with Fake News in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a place where there are many fake news stories and many people believe fake news to be true. As a result, the website No!News was created. The aim of the website is to publish the news “the way we want them”.

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What is the website about?

The website does not provide real news; it provides jokes and fake news. This media website was created as a reaction to the many fake news stories and disinformation in Bulgaria.

Here is what the creators of the website say about it:

“No!News is media №37 in Bulgaria and №32 in the world. It contains up to 4% more correct information than any other media. No!News is web-based, but thanks to printer and orientation you can base it wherever you want offline.”

Everyone willing to write fake news can do it and is invited to submit their fake or joke news in the website. The creators of the website say:

“Media No. 37 in Bulgaria and No. 32 in the world relies on a network of random people to feed random signals, news, apparitions and prophecies. Send us your texts, which we may publish, expand and develop, or sell to an illiterate person, passing them off as mantras against baldness. Materials approved for publication may appear on the site in days, weeks, and months, because time is a concept existing only in your head.”

What are the aims and functions of the website?

The main aim of this website is to make fun of fake news and people who spread them. With the help of this website some people from Bulgarian society manage to understand how silly fake news sounds. At the same time, the news on the website is made with a great sense of humor which makes the website and the news in it viral.

Some examples of headlines of fake/joke news on the website are as follows:

  • “They will ruin us! EU accepted to put bug offal in cigarettes”
  • “Man who endured two vaccines, chemtrails and 5G with diarrhoea after eating some hot food”
  • “A man who knows how to make protests succeed once again did not take part in them”
  • “A New Little Mermaid animation scandal: from the waist down she was a Nile crocodile instead of a white fish”
  • “Santa: Harry Kane to abstain from penalties on December 24th, we’re flying then!”
  • “Bulgaria also bans TikTok, the nation’s productivity rises by 285%”
  • “Media №37 in Bulgaria decides: deteriorates its content to attract illiterate readers who do not have ad blocker”

Another important function of the website for the people in Bulgaria is that it mainly posts news about the hot topics in the country (the Bulgarian political situation, the war in Ukraine, the COVID-19 pandemic and all of the latest and problematic news). This news help people see the hot topics and situations under a new and non-standard angle and therefore think more before they read information.

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Why is the website important?

In this way the No!News website helps in the process of critical thinking and prevention of fake news in Bulgaria. Although this news website looks like a place for jokes and fun, it plays an important role in understanding the structure of the fake news and how easy it is to make and spread fake news. Therefore this website helps in the critical thinking of Bulgarian society.

You can find more information about the No!News website here:





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