Project Result 3

Coming Soon: the Fair News Guide

We are excited to announce the forthcoming release of our third project result, the Fair News Guide. This hands-on Guide is the outcome of the work undertaken by students media literacy workshops, with activities based on the principle of co-creation of knowledge.

Key points:

  • Designed for hands-on creativity, the guide presents student-created content from four European countries. It provides practical tips for creating ‘fair news’, along with detailed modules that cover various aspects of social and digital media, and the production and distribution of news.
  • Grounded on the principle of co-creation of knowledge, the Guide was developed through media literacy workshops that encouraged collaborative learning and the exchange of ideas across diverse student groups.
  • Students become fair news creators through strategies and insights that help students make their voices heard more effectively in a complex media landscape.

To be engaged digital citizens, young people need to know how to detect fake news and create fair news, understanding how knowledge is generated and shared. The Guide is designed to encourage students to become creators and distributors of news that is fair, equitable, and inclusive of diverse perspectives, while showcasing their creations through the Fair News project.

The Fair News Guide will be available for download on our website soon.

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