Project Result 2

Coming Soon: Framework for innovative pathways in the use of Theory of Knowledge among high school students

Our second project result will soon be released, offering a pilot course designed to enhance critical thinking among high school students based on principles drawn from Theory of Knowledge.

Key Points

  • Innovative pilot course tested through local labs and based on the identified needs of students.
  • Students explore how knowledge is created, understood and shared based on the principles of Theory of Knowledge.
  • A practical, transferable methodology, applying theoretical knowledge to real-world media challenges to foster critical thinking, media literacy and digital citizenship.

The ‘Framework for innovative pathways’ addresses the need for high school students to acquire increased skills in critical thinking, theory of knowledge, media and information literacy. These skills were acquired on the principle of collective co-creation of knowledge. This result represents an innovative way to improve students’ ability to navigate the modern media landscape, understand discourses of knowledge and information, and fully participate in democracy as conscious digital citizens.

The result provides a methodology for addressing the problems of media misinformation and social disconnection among high school students, using principles drawn from TOK and MIL. The document, comprising eight practical and transferable modules, will be available on our website soon.

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