Self Love

Self-love: The key of the happy and Healthy relationships

Self-love is a powerful and often underestimated concept in our society. However, our ability to love ourselves plays a key role in how we relate to others and in the quality of the relationships we build.

Self-love is not selfishness or exaggerated narcissism, but rather a healthy, respectful and empathetic relationship with one’s own self. When we love ourselves, we fully recognize and accept ourselves, including our flaws and vulnerabilities. This gives us a solid foundation to build and maintain healthy and authentic relationships with others.

In conclusion, self-love is an essential key to living a life full of pleasures and fulfillments. Every day, we can choose to remember that we are enough, that we deserve happiness, and that we are worthy of love and kindness—both on our part and on the part of those around us. Through self-love, we can discover and explore our potential to live an authentic life, full of understanding and compassion.

CRCE – Cosmin Macovei

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