Climate Changes: Debunking Fake News and Myths

We have focused on some questions about climate changes to debunk some myths that are spread in public opinion. Climate changes are a very important topic that must be analyzed on the basis of scientific researches. If climate changes are real, why are there still cold seasons through the years? In fact global temperatures are […]

Fake news video

A video created for the launch of the Newspaper in the frame of the Fair News project. Fake news on the internet refers to false or misleading information presented as factual news. It can take various forms, including fabricated stories, manipulated images or videos, misleading headlines, and biased or distorted reporting. The proliferation of fake […]

Mental Health in Romania. A real problem especially after the Pandemic.

Mental Health in Romania. A real problem especially after the Pandemic. May 27, 2023 Marin Alexandra Ioana Iuliana In Romania there is no department strictly responsible for mental health within the Ministry of Health. This puts pressure on professionals and poses a danger to patients and disabled people. “There is no funding, there is no […]

Newslettr #1

WELCOME TO FAIR NEWS Fair News is an Erasmus+ co-funded partnership between six educational and media organisations in Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Sweden. We use principles drawn from Theory of Knowledge and Media and Information Literacy to develop and implement an innovative programme for high school students. Our activities are designed both to promote […]